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Play the largest German role-playing game on Discord with help from our bot.

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The bot is temporarily disabled while we work to update it to the latest changes in Discord.
Sorry for the inconvenience. 🙁

How does the bot work?

Dice rolling

Standard dice rolling is included in the box, using standard dice syntax. You can throw any kind of dice (even non-existing ones like a d11), in any number, applying a constant modifier to the result.

!roll 1d6+4

The bot will report results of individual dice and the total result.


!roll 2d6+2

Der Aventurische Bot

@Alrik 🎲 2d6+2 = 11 [4, 5]

Simple checks

Perform a simple check against any stat of your hero. This works for simple attribute checks, for attacks, for defense, or for any other situation that calls for a roll-under check. Confirmation rolls for critical successes (and botches) are automatically performed.

!check 12

You can also apply a modifier (positive for easier checks, negative for more difficult ones).

!check 12 -2


!check 12

Der Aventurische Bot

@Alrik Check against 12 (±0)

✔ [1, 13]

In this case the bot rolled a critical success (1), but failed the confirmation roll.

3D20 checks

Perform a 3D20 skill check by providing the 3 attribute values and your skill points. The bot will compute the resulting quality level.

!check 12/13/11 4

Again, modifiers will be applied to all attribute rolls and critical successes (or botches) will be handled automatically.


!check 12/13/11 4

Der Aventurische Bot

@Alrik Skill check on 12/13/11 (±0, SP: 4)

✔ QL 1 [15, 8, 5]

In this case the first roll went over by 3 points. But thanks to the 4 skill points, the check succedeed, yielding a quality of 1.

Add Optolith into the mix…

Create your hero using the Optolith application and export it in JSON format. Upload the hero in your Discord chat and the bot will automatically load your character stats.

You can also download our sample Alrik hero.

Attribute checks

Perform an attribute check by name, with optional modifiers.

!attribute strength -2


!attribute courage +1

Der Aventurische Bot

@Alrik Courage check (14 +1)

✔ [3]

Skill checks

Perform any skill check by name, with optional modifiers.

!skill climbing -1

Skills like magic and liturgies are also supported, if your hero has activated them.

!skill fulminictus


!skill pick +1

Der Aventurische Bot

@Alrik Pick Locks check (13/13/13 +1, SP: 3)

✔ QL 1 [3, 5, 16]

Initiative roll

Roll initiative and join the fight.


The bot will take special abilities (like combat reflexes) into account. Effects caused by armor are not computed: you can apply them manually by supplying a modifier to the roll.

!ini -2



Der Aventurische Bot

@Alrik Initiative roll (13 ±0)

🗡 14 [1]

Other languages?

You can’t remember all those skill names in English?
No problem. Our bot speaks German, Italian, Dutch, and French.

!lang italiano !lang français

Commands for server admins

Change command prefix

Is this the umpteenth bot on your server that replies to the !help command? Do you have another dice-throwing bot answering to !roll? No problem.

!setup-prefix #

The bot will then reply only to commands using the # prefix. For instance:

#roll 1d20

Default language

The bot speaks English by default, but you can change its default language server-wide.

!setup-lang ita

This will force the bot to speak Italian to all users on your server. Users can however override their preferred language.


Bot powered by Discord.NET and the dark powers of Agrimoth. 👺

Optolith and its The Dark Eye data are a courtesy of Lukas Obermann and Optolith contributors.

German translation by Lukas Obermann. French and Dutch translation by Arne Vangheluwe.