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Privacy policy

This privacy policy notice is served by La Compagnia delle Dodici Gemme di Agostinelli Valentina under the website in conformity with the European regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

The “Der Aventurische Bot” Discord bot (from here on the “bot”) is a service by La Compagnia delle Dodici Gemme (from here on “us”) available to any Discord user (from here on “you” or the “user”) that supports role-playing sessions of “The Dark Eye” and its international editions.

Collected data

The bot does not process nor store personal data. The bot can be invited through an explicit and volutary action by you to any Discord server you manage. Once connected, the bot will receive all messages sent through the Discord server by any user connected to the server.

It is your responsability to inform users of your Discord server of the service and of the message processing involved. By inviting the bot on your server you allow us to process all messages according to the policies described below.

Purpose of data collection

The bot will store part of the data processed in order to deliver its service and to collect usage statistics.

In detail, the following information is stored:

  • Discord user ID
  • Guild/Server ID
  • Uploaded character sheets
  • Type of actions performed for usage statistics

Some information, such as message contents and other diagnostic information may be collected and stored in order to improve the service and diagnose errors.

Data retention

User data used by the service is stored indefinitely.

Diagnostic information, such as error and usage logs, are stored for 30 days and are then deleted.

Data sharing

Information collected by the bot is never shared nor used for any other purpose than the ones stated in this privacy policy.

User rights

In accordance to the GDPR, users have the following rights:

  • The right to access their data on request,
  • The right to update or change their data,
  • The right to remove their data,
  • The right to obtain a copy of their data in a portable format.

Data can be removed automatically be the user, using the `!forget` command on any Discord server on which the bot is running. This will automatically delete all information linked to the user on any Discord server.

Other rights can be exercised by contacting